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Touch Me Not

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Within 48 Hours shipping ipotundi.Akkadinunchi HYD ithe 1Day ,Hyd kakunda INDIA lo inkekkada ayina sare 4 to 6 Days lo delivery Ipotundi

The multi functional safety key to protect from Covid is suitable for use in a variety of environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with people or things.
Keep your hands clean with the DedDimaag Anti Covid  Key.
Covid key helps with
.Using the lift
. Door Openers
. Press Buttons  & switches
.ATM buttons
.Toilet flushes 
.opening drawers 
.open car doors

without touching them.
You can take it with you to open the door and go out on the elevator without worrying about hygiene.
Made to reduce contact on day to day purposes to reduce spread of Covid-19 Can be used to lift weights upto 20 kgs.
Material: Polypropylene