Ramesh - Suresh soap

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weight -100gm .Maa vallaki  soap 3to4 weeks vachindi.kids ithe 3 weeks lo avvagottesaru.They loved the soaps. maakithe picha picha ga nachay.hope you also love them

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Goats Milk Soap Base, Almond Oil, Activated Charcoal, Lemon Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil.
Benefits of lemon oil
•Improves skin complexion
•Decreases hyperpigmentation
•Helps to remove blackheads
•Expert for oil control
•Helps in skin conditioning

Benefits of activated charcoal
•Anti bacterial & anti-fungal properties
•Deep pore cleansing
•Good for acne-prone skin
•Oil balancing
•Gentle exfoliation to the skin